Important - Please Read

You may have heard that the GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) has decided to end its existence and close up all of its national operations and all of its Chapters across the country, Including our Chapter G.

Effective the end of August 2022,we have been informed that members will be issued a refund check for a prorated part of any membership dues you have paid. Likewise you will received a prorated refund for unused Rescue and Rescue Plus programs.

There are one or two efforts that we know of by some past members to start up a new organization to replace GWRRA. We wont know for some time if any new organization will be successful starting a new national organization.

The current local leaders of Chapter G have met and discussed the future. What we know is the current national organization will be closing current offices in Arizona and national activities, and phones and email.

What we will be doing in the currently forseeable future is to get together for fun rides as a group of friends, without the GWRRA umbrella over us, We will be post more information as soon  as we learn anything more